List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes (season 9)Edit

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: [[|navigation]], [[|search]][[|]]Cover of the first DVD from the season released by Aniplex.The episodes from the ninth season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II of the setting of Naruto manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. The ninth season began airing on September 2, 2010 on TV Tokyo in Japan and finished airing on January 27, 2011. Season 9 is a series of flashback episodes to various points in the series before Shippuden, chronicling more adventures of Team 7 and the other Leaf village Genin.[[|[1]]][[|[2]]] The season is referred to by its DVDs as Past Arc ~The Locus of Konoha~ (過去篇~木ノ葉の軌跡~ Kako Hen ~Konoha no Kiseki~?) with the first volume released on April 6, 2011 by Aniplex.[[|[3]]]

The episodes are directed by Hayato Date and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. On January 2, 2009 Viz Media and Crunchyroll began providing subtitled Naruto: Shippuden episodes.[[|[4]]][[|[5]]][[|[6]]]

This season contains five musical themes: two openings and three endings. The first opening theme, "Tōmei Datta Sekai" (透明だった世界?, "Formerly Transparent World") by Motohiro Hata is used from episodes 176 to 179. The second opening theme song, "Diver" by Nico Touches the Walls is used from episodes 180 to 196. The first ending theme, "Utakata Hanabi" (うたかた花火?, "Transient Fireworks") by Supercell is used from episodes 176 to 179. The second ending theme,"U Can Do It!" by DOMINO is used from episodes 180 to 192. The third ending theme, "Mayonaka no Orchestra" (真夜中のオーケストラ?, "Midnight Orchestra") by Aqua Timez is used from episodes 193 to 196.

[[[List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes (season 9)|edit]]] Episode ListingEdit

No. Title Original airdate English airdate
176 "Rookie Instructor Iruka"

"Shinmai Kyōshi Iruka" (新米教師イルカ)

September 2, 2010 TBA
This is a flashback episode. Iruka Umino has just become Naruto Uzumaki's Academy class teacher. A colleague teacher of Iruka advises him to not mistreat his students so that they will not cause trouble. But Naruto still causes mischief, as he is pained by his teacher's words to his classmates to ignore him and to not get involved with him. Lastly, Naruto discovers that Sasuke Uchiha is the only survivor of the Uchiha clan.
177 "Iruka's Ordeal"

"Iruka no Shiren" (イルカの試練)

September 9, 2010 TBA
Saddened after being rejected by the other students, Naruto dresses up as a spirit to scare them, only to be scolded by Iruka later. Naruto gets angry and claims Iruka does not understand what it is like to be him, hated by the whole world for no reason. Afterward, Naruto is tricked into going into the Black hills to retrieve a souvenir from a recent battle by the kids he scared. In return for so, they falsely promise to accept him into their group. Unknown to Naruto, the enemy is still lurking in the Black Hills.
178 "Iruka's Decision"

"Iruka no Ketsui" (イルカの決意)

September 16, 2010 TBA
Naruto runs into three female ninja from the Hidden Waterfall Village. They want information on the Leaf Village's border patrol that Naruto had discovered earlier on. The ninja chase after Naruto and encounter Iruka. Iruka and Naruto try in vain to escape, but are rescued by Kakashi. Back in the present Leaf Village, Yamato is informed by Shikaku that Naruto had defeated Pain and had (supposedly) been able to control the Nine-tailed Fox by himself. An ANBU member then tells Shikaku that he is expected at a very important meeting.
179 "Kakashi Hatake, The Jonin in Charge"

"Tantō Jōnin Hatake Kakashi" (担当上忍はたけカカシ)

September 30, 2010 TBA
Kakashi has a flashback back when he was assigned to be the sensei of Team 7. In a bid to know his students, Naruto, Sasuke & Sakura, better, Kakashi spies on them and to see how they would all get along as a group. Angered by Sakura's talk about calling Naruto a brat and that he has no family to tell him right or wrong, Sasuke tells Sakura she is annoying. Realizing Sakura's sadness, Naruto goes to battle Sasuke, but gets defeated. It then goes back to the present and Kakashi claims that it is up to him to stop Sasuke.
180 "Inari's Courage Put to the Test"

"Inari, Tamesareru Yūki" (イナリ、試される勇気)

October 7, 2010 TBA
A flashback from Team 7's first mission. After dealing with Zabuza, Naruto runs back to pick up a ramen coupon he forgot, and Sasuke follows him. Meanwhile, Inari finds the coupon and runs off to find Naruto. He runs into bullies on the way, and they all are captured by Gatō's subordinates. The boys are able to escape from the hideout, but the kidnappers follow. Inari comes up with a plan to use himself as bait so as to let the others escape, but Naruto and Sasuke find signs of a fight and track their way to Inari's rescue just in time.
181 "Naruto's School of Revenge"

"Naruto, Adauchi Shinanjuku" (ナルト、仇討ち指南塾)

October 14, 2010 TBA
In a flashback of Naruto and Sakura's, Team 7 is on a mission to take an ostrich called Mr. Ostrich to his home. They arrive at a village where they see a swordsman named Tsukado who has a vendetta to carry on a man named Katazu who killed his distant relative Shikazo. Tsukado fails to defeat him so Naruto decides to teach him unusual revenge lessons. Katazu has then took his brother's identity and attracted Shikazo's pursuers while Kageki and his family went into hiding. Tsukado decides not to kill him and ends their years of fighting though Kanabun wants them to keep fighting. The swordsmen, Team 7 and Mr. Ostrich chase the Kanabun Gang out of town.
182 "Gaara's Bond"

"Gaara 'Kizuna'" (我愛羅『絆』)

October 21, 2010 TBA
After hearing the news about Akatsuki's attack on the Hidden Leaf Village, Gaara worries about Naruto's well-being. He remembers a time in the past where Team 7 was assigned to help him out with a problem, and how nobody, especially Naruto, was eager to trust him. Yet, when his life was put in danger by people he had wronged, Naruto was the first to come to his rescue.
183 "Naruto: Outbreak"

"Naruto Autobureiku" (ナルト・アウトブレイク)

October 28, 2010 TBA
Chōji saying to Sakura that, "Fools never catch a cold", Sakura has a flashback of catching Naruto's cold. When Sakura sees Tsunade at her office, she collapses which Tsunade claims Sakura has an illness known as a chakra virus. It was an illness long ago in another village that would turn chakra into a terrible flu and Naruto recently went to that village for a mission. Tsunade, not wanting to scare the villagers orders Shizune and a team of medical ninja to capture Naruto. After getting results from Naruto, Shizune tells Tsunade that he doesn't have the chakra virus but sneezed due to pepper he had in his pocket and Sakura just has an allergic reaction from Naruto's sneeze. After he is released, Naruto demands an apology from Tsunade for her mistake though Tsunade says it wasn't a mistake and it was just an "emergency drill".
184 "Deploy! Team Tenten"

"Shutsugeki! Tenten-han" (出撃! テンテン班)

November 4, 2010 TBA
Tenten and Neji Hyūga arrive at a Konoha Tool Research Lab for more tools due the weakened military power after Pain's invasion. Might Guy has Naruto join Team Guy on a mission with Rock Lee in the hospital. For the mission, Guy assigns Tenten as captain of the team. Team Tenten arrives at the lab and ask the tool maker, Iou for more tools. They all run outside to see two ninja named Gameru and Kusune who demand more tools from Iou who refuses. Naruto and Neji decide to fight them and they summon two prototype tools of Iou's, Dako and Tsuru-Kame. Iou's apprentice, Shoseki confesses that he sold them the tools. With Naruto and Neji struggling with the two ninja, Iou has Tenten use his latest invention, Jidanda.
185 "Animal District"

"Animaru Bangaichi" (アニマル番外地)

November 11, 2010 TBA
Condor, an ostrich previously captured by Team 7, remembers being caught with three other animals by Kotetsu, Rock Lee, Naruto and Shino in the "Ground 0" of the Forest of Death, which became a prohibited nature reserve. After Locating the ostrich, Shino tries to capture it but his insects are eaten by carnivorous plants, the ostrich then ran away pursued by Rock Lee who is attacked by a kangaroo boxer, while the ostrich turned around and attacked Naruto and Kotetsu using Taijutsu. The team retreats after taking into account the intelligence and Ninja capabilities of the animals . Condor then attack with two new companions: an anteater and a baby kangaroo boxing from his pocket, forming the "four ninja animals." And as Kotetsu is about to be killed, Izumo arrives and saves him. The Konoha Ninjas ninjas are finally able to overwhelm the animals.
186 "Ah, the Medicine of Youth"

"Aa, Seishun no Kanpōgan" (ああ、青春の漢方丸)

November 18, 2010 TBA
Back before Rock Lee had his surgery, Naruto, after donning the suit given to him by Guy, set out on a mission with Sakura and Ino to obtain a special flower which was a necessary ingredient for Lee's medicine. When Naruto picked one of the flowers, however, he had to face a strange technique that had taken on the form of Gaara.
187 "Gutsy Master and Student: The Training"

"Dokonjō Shitei Shugyōhen" (ド根性師弟修業編)

November 25, 2010 TBA
During the two-and-a-half-year time period in which Naruto was training under Jiraiya, the latter decided that it was time for Naruto to learn how to repel genjutsu. During this training session, the two traveled to a village which Jiraiya had previously been associated with, but they discovered that something dark was amiss.
188 "Record of the Ninja Gutsy Master and Student"

"Dokonjō Shitei Ninpūroku" (ド根性師弟忍風録)

November 25, 2010 TBA
After having discovered that the village was under the control of rebels from the Hidden Rain Village, led by Hanzo's right hand man, Naruto and Jiraiya decided to take action to help save the women and children taken hostage and free the village from the Rain's tyrannical control.
189 "Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia"

"Sasuke no Nikukyū Taizen" (サスケの肉球大全)

December 2, 2010 TBA
Granny Cat requests that Sasuke and Team 7 collect the last cat paw print necessary to complete the "Paw Encyclopedia."
190 "Naruto and the Old Soldier"

"Naruto to Rōhei" (ナルトと老兵)

December 9, 2010 TBA
Naruto, two jonin and an elder known as "the Eternal Genin" set off to a mission to patrol the border of the Land of Fire following Orochimaru's attack. After some days with no incidents, a group of enemy ninjas cross the borders. The Eternal Genin proves to be a brave ninja and remembering the lessons he learned with the 2nd and 3rd hokages, sees the similarities between Naruto and his father.
191 "Kakashi Love Song"

"Kakashi Koiuta" (カカシ恋歌)

December 16, 2010 TBA
A spy, Hanare, from the Hidden Lock Village (Land of Key) is caught by ANBU pretending to be a musician. She is interrogated. However, the interrogation proves unsuccessful. Slowly, her past is revealed and so is her relationship with Kakashi. Team 7 spy on the two as they go around town, under the impression that the two are dating. After The Lock Village keeps a Leaf Village ninja hostage, they exchange Hanare for the ninja. It is then revealed that Hanare has a special ability, causing a large chase to occur. In the end, Kakashi lets Hanare free. The musician seen at the beginning entertaining Konoha ninja reminds Kakashi of Hanare which prompts the flashback.
192 "Neji Chronicles"

"Neji Gaiden" (ネジ外伝)

December 23, 2010 TBA
Konohamaru's team asks Neji to talk about Naruto's heroism. Instead, Neji tells them about an incident during the Chunin exams three years prior. While Orochimaru attacked Konoha, two rogue ninja take advantage of the commotion and kidnap Hinata. Neji, Tenten, Kiba, and Akamaru rush out to save her. They're in trouble until Hiashi shows up and saves them, telling Neji that he's the beloved memory of Hiashi's younger brother. Neji realizes Naruto's speech about destiny was right; he isn't just a slave to the clan name. Konohamaru's team complains that Naruto wasn't in the story at all, and Neji cryptically answers that Naruto was the most important part.
193 "The Man Who Died Twice"

"Nido Shinda Otoko" (二度死んだ男)

January 6, 2011 TBA
Naruto finds a photo of a spirit he met in his younger years of being a genin. While on his way home, Naruto had come across a tag labeled "Kisuke" stuck to a rock, which he tears off without thinking. That night, Naruto is surprised to find a ghost standing near his bed. He doesn't know how he got there. When they uncover his past, Kisuke talks about a spy in the village that could be helping outside forces to attack the Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto helps Kisuke to tell the truth about the spy within the village.
194 "The Worst Three-Legged Race"

"Saiaku no Nininsankyaku" (最悪の二人三脚)

January 13, 2011 TBA
Naruto and Sakura remember a time when they were on a mission to retrieve a stolen treasure from thieves as Team 7. One of the theives uses a web-like jutsu which results into Naruto and Sasuke to be stuck together during their escape while Sakura gets captured. Naruto and Sasuke decide to rescue Sakura, but have problems working together. They eventually manage to defeat the thieves and retrieve the treasure by working together even without having the ability to perform seals with their hands.
195 "Team 10's Teamwork"

"Renkei, Daijuppan" (連携、第十班)

January 20, 2011 TBA
Shikamaru has a flashback of when Team 10 was working with Team 7 to save a hostage taken by bandits, who were wreaking havok in a village. They proceed to the bandits' hideout with the help of Tofu, an ex-bandit member. However, Tofu gets captured and turns out to be really working for Baji, the bandits' leader. The genins successfully bypass the bandits' fortress, and Shikamaru agrees to exchange himself for Tofu. But Shikamaru finds that he is unable to communicate his plan to the rest of the team as his voice gets muted by Baji.
196 "Drive Towards Darkness"

"Yami e no Shissō" (闇への疾走)

January 27, 2011 TBA
Sasuke has a flashback while traveling to Konoha with his team, Taka. He once saved a girl named Naho not knowing that she's a relative of the Feudal Lord. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura are sent on a mission to accompany Naho and act as her bodyguards while Kakashi and Sasuke are sent to discover the reason why internationally wanted bandits have entered their border. Kakashi and Sasuke later find out that the bandits intend to abduct Naho. Naruto and Sakura are defeated by the bandits and are taken hostage. Sasuke finds them first and proceeds to defeat the leader and mercilessly punches him because of his jealousy for Naruto's growing power. A cut to the present reveals Naruto contemplating on his promise to have Sasuke return to the village.