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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: [[|navigation]], [[|search]][[|]]The cover of the first volume for season 8 rel by Studio Pierrot.The episodes from the eighth season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II of the Naruto manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. The episodes are directed by Hayato Date and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. The eighth season began airing on March 25, 2010 on TV Tokyo in Japan and finished airing on August 26, 2010.[[|[1]]] They are centered around on Konohagakure invasion by Pain, leader of the criminal organization Akatsuki wishing to kidnap Naruto Uzumaki, the host of the powerful Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. The season is referred to by its DVDs as the chapter of Two Saviors (二人の救世主 Futari no Kyūseishu?). Aniplex released the six volumes between October 6, 2010 and March 2, 2011. While the volumes contains all the episodes, episodes 170-171 were skipped to the sixth volume.[[|[2]]]

On January 2, 2009 Viz Media and Crunchyroll began providing subtitled Naruto: Shippuden episodes.[[|[3]]] While the series premiered in the United States on Disney XD during 2009, this season has yet to start airing.[[|[4]]][[|[5]]]

This season contains five musical themes: "Sign" by Flow is used as the opening theme until episode 153, where it was replaced by "Tōmei Datta Sekai" (透明だった世界?, "Formerly Transparent World") by Motohiro Hata. "For You" by Azu is used as the ending theme until episode 153, when it was replaced by "Jitensha" (自転車?, "Bicycle") by OreSkaBand until episode 166, where it was replaced by "Utakata Hanabi" (うたかた花火?, "Transient Fireworks") by Supercell. The fourth feature movie, Naruto Shippūden The Movie: The Lost Tower, which is based on the Naruto: Shippuden series, was released on July 31, 2010. The broadcast versions of episodes 172 to 175 include scenes from the movie in the opening themes, while still retaining the music "Tōmei Datta Sekai".

[[[List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes (season 8)|edit]]] Episode ListingEdit

No. Title Original airdate English airdate
152 "Somber News"

"Hihō" (悲報)

March 25, 2010 TBA
The Akatsuki finish sealing the Six-Tailed Slug, resulting in its host, Utakata's death. At the same time, Sasuke Uchiha and Taka deliver the Eight-Tailed Ox's jinchūriki, Killer Bee, to Madara Uchiha for the beast's extraction, before retiring to tend to their injuries. Meanwhile, in Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki remembers about Itachi Uchiha's words about Sasuke, and about a "secret power" that he had given him. The next day, Naruto is summoned by Tsunade in her office, where he is informed of Jiraiya's death in his battle against Pain by Fukasaku. Unable to cope with the shocking news, Naruto lashes out at Tsunade for letting Jiraiya go to Amegakure alone and exits the room, needing some time alone. His former sensei, Iruka Umino greets and tries to perk him up, but to no avail.
153 "Following the Master's Shadow"

"Shi no Kage o Otte" (師の影を追って)

March 25, 2010 TBA
Naruto is perturbed and thinks about his past times with Jiraiya while crying. In Tsunade's office, Fukasaku reveals the chakra-encrypted code that Jiraiya wrote on his back, and the Animal Path body from the Six Paths of Pain that Jiraiya managed to defeat. Immediately, Tsunade orders an autopsy to be performed on the body, and decryption of the code, before she leaves her office to secretly mourn Jiraiya's death herself. Outside, Iruka meets with Naruto again, and comforts him. Later, unable to decipher Jiraiya's code himself, Shikamaru Nara asks Kakashi Hatake for help in vain. He then goes to Naruto, but when he sees him still grieving, they both visit Kurenai Yuhi, who is pregnant with Asuma Sarutobi's child and who Shikamaru has sworn to the latter to protect. Bringing up the fact that they both have gone through the sorrow of losing their master, Shikamaru manages to cheer Naruto up, who finally decides to help.
154 "Decryption"

"Angō Kaidoku" (暗号解読)

April 8, 2010 TBA
The interrogation and autopsy on the captured Amegakure ninja and Pain's Animal Path body begins, respectively, as Naruto helps Shikamaru and Shiho on decoding Jiraiya's message. Naruto, having travelled and trained under Jiraiya, notices that each number, following the "Ta" katakana (that Jiraiya always wrote like the number 9), references the first character at certain pages of Jiraiya's "Make-Out Tactics" book, which Kakashi is forced to read out loud. They inform Tsunade and Fukasaku of the message, which reads "The Real One Is Not There". Remembering Jiraiya's foretold destiny of training the "world's savior", Fukasaku offers to take his apprentice, Naruto, back to Mount Myoboku for training in Sage Mode, which Naruto accepts.
155 "The First Challenge"

"Daiichi no Kadai" (第一の課題)

April 8, 2010 TBA
Naruto commences his training to gather in Natural Energy to learn Sage Mode, in which he learns of a dangerous risk: if too much Natural Energy enters the body, the recipient might turn into a frog statuette. Fukasaku helps Naruto with a special lubricant called "toad oil" to gather Natural Energy quickly, and prevents his excessive collection of the latter by hitting him on the head. While taking a break, he gives Naruto the first book that Jiraiya ever wrote, which makes Naruto remember the latter bequeathing his mission for world peace to him. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki learn that the Killer Bee that Sasuke brought back was only a clone, as the Six Paths of Pain and Konan prepare to head out to Konoha to capture the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.
156 "Surpassing the Master"

"Shi o Koeru Toki" (師を超えるとき)

April 15, 2010 TBA
After intense training on Mount Myoboku, Naruto finally masters gathering Natural Energy and enters a perfected Sage Mode for the first time, surpassing even Jiraiya in its use according to Fukasaku, who now starts teaching Naruto a unique form of senjutsu-enhanced taijutsu called Frog Kumite, which increases the range of one's physical attacks. Meanwhile, Kumogakure initiates a massive man-hunt for Killer Bee, who's elder brother and the Fourth Raikage, A, asks a three-person team of Killer Bee's former students, Samui, Karui and Omoi, to deliver an urgent letter to Konoha's Hokage, Tsunade, entailing Sasuke's attack on Kumo and Killer Bee, as well as to invite her, along with the other Kage, to a first-ever Kage Summit.
157 "Assault on the Leaf Village!"

"Konoha Shūgeki!" (木ノ葉襲撃!)

April 22, 2010 TBA
The Six Paths of Pain and Konan arrive in Konoha, split in two teams and begin their invasion of the village to capture Naruto, who is finishing his Frog Kumite training on Mount Myoboku. Amidst the chaos, Konoha's Intel Division, lead by Ino Yamanaka's father, Inoichi, tries to read the memories of the captured Amegakure ninja's mind, while Shizune leads a biopsy team to find out the secret behind Pain's Animal Path's metal piercings, that are distinctively found embedded on all the Paths' bodies. As Pain interrogates and assaults several Konoha ninja, Sakura and Shikamaru help the wounded, and Tsunade is informed that it is the Akatsuki leader that is attacking. She then orders for Naruto to be brought back immediately.
158 "Power to Believe"

"Shinjiru Chikara" (信じる力)

April 29, 2010 TBA
As the Six Paths and Konan try to determine Naruto's location, wreaking havoc in Konoha in the process, Danzo Shimura tells the village elders, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, of Pain's arrival and Tsunade's inefficiency in dealing with the situation. They confront Tsunade on the matter, trying to make her change her mind about bringing back Naruto, fearing his capture would mean Konoha's annihilation. Furious, she tells them that they need to believe in Naruto (and the other young ninja) as he is too is member of Konoha, just like all of them, and not a weapon. As Shizune informs Tsunade of Pain's body piercings actually being unique chakra receivers, Tsunade formulates a plan to defend Konoha. In the battlefield, Pain's Deva Path encounters and attacks Iruka, but he is saved by Kakashi, who confronts Pain himself.
159 "Pain vs. Kakashi"

"Pein vs Kakashi" (ペインvsカカシ)

May 6, 2010 TBA
Kakashi starts fighting the Deva Path, which is soon backed up by the cyborg-like Asura Path. When none of his attacks work, Kakashi uses a clone as a decoy to learn of the Deva Path's powers of gravity-manipulation, allowing it to attract or repel any person, object or jutsu. After an eventual assist by Choza and his son, Choji Akimichi, who first destroy the Asura Path and then attack the Deva Path, Kakashi learns of a time delay of five seconds between Pain's consecutive attacks. He sets up a trap with the Akimichis' help, but a still-functioning Asura Path sacrifices itself to foil their efforts. Choza's squad is soon wiped out by the Deva Path, who seemingly strikes a fatal blow on Kakashi before leaving. However, Kakashi survives using his Mangekyo Sharingan ability, Kamui, and using the last of his strength, saves Choji from Asura Path's dying missile by warping it away for him to inform Tsunade about Pain's powers.
160 "Mystery of Pain"

"Pein no Nazo" (ペインの謎)

May 13, 2010 TBA
Konoha continues to fight off Pain while the Interrogation Corp fights off Pain's new Animal Path, which barrages them with an assortments of animal summonings. Ibiki Morino tries to torture Pain only to fail due to the corpse not feeling any sort of pain. Meanwhile, Naruto attempts to merge with Fukasaku, so that he can move in Sage Mode while Fukasaku gathers Nature Energy for him. However, Fukasaku is rebuffed by the Nine Tailed Fox, forcing the duo to find an alternate method for Naruto to enter Sage Mode in battle.
161 "Surname Is Sarutobi. Given Name, Konohamaru!"

"Sei wa Sarutobi, Na wa Konohamaru!" (姓は猿飛、名は木ノ葉丸!)

May 20, 2010 TBA
Pain's Naraka Path displays its mysterious power against two leaf shinobi while Konohamaru Sarutobi watches in horror. Pain senses Konohamaru's presence but is interrupted by Ebisu who takes on Pain in order to allow Konohamaru to escape. After seeing Ebisu about to be killed, Konohamaru intervenes and after learning of Naraka's ability, judging souls and then reaping the sinner of their life, with a Shadow Clone, he unleashes the Rasengan and is able to keep Naraka at bay.
162 "Pain to the World"

"Sekai ni Itami o" (世界に痛みを)

May 27, 2010 TBA
As the Inuzuka and Aburame clans battle with Preta Path and Konan respectively, Deva Path meets with Tsunade, who recognizes him as Yahiko. As Naruto learns of the village's situation, Human Path discovers his location and then kills Shizune, transmitting the intel to Deva Path, who, in its frustration with Tsunade, unleashes a giant shockwave on the village, destroying it completely. In the newly formed crater, at the heart of Konoha, Naruto appears with a small armada of toads following Sakura's cries for his return.
163 "Explode! Sage Mode"

"Bakuhatsu! Sennin Mōdo" (爆発! 仙人モード)

June 3, 2010 TBA
Naruto confronts Deva Path as the other five Paths reappear. Asura Path attacks Tsunade and Naruto destroys it, telling Tsunade to leave. She does so and reverts to her old self with Sakura. Naruto charges forward as the toads deal with Animal Path's summons. Naruto fights Preta Path with Frog Kumite and defeats it before speaking to Deva. He reveals that they were both Jiraiya's apprentices and how he only wants peace. Angered with his hypocrisy, Naruto throws a finally completed Rasen-Shuriken at the remaining Paths of Pain.
164 "Danger! Sage Mode Limit Reached"

"Pinchi! Kieta Sennin Mōdo" (危機! 消えた仙人モード)

June 10, 2010 TBA
Naruto successfully begins taking out Pain's bodies one after another, but when his Sage Mode reaches its limit, Pain attempts to take control of the battle. Naruto throws another Rasen-Shuriken but it's absorbed by a revived Preta Path. He manages to kill the Naraka Path, just to get repelled by Deva Path who has just recovered his power. As Deva performs another Shinra Tensei to the toads, Naruto realizes he can't use taijutsu or ninjutsu on the remaining paths, so he will have to fight them using a genjutsu suggested by Fukasaku.
165 "Nine-Tails, Captured!"

"Kyūbi Hokaku Kanryō" (九尾捕獲完了)

June 17, 2010 TBA
As Hinata worries about Naruto, Inoichi and the others try to find the original Pain. Naruto continues to fight back the remaining paths, but is captured by Preta Path. It absorbs his Sage Mode chakra and is petrified due to the uncontrollable Nature Energy. Fukasaku then attempts to trap Pain in a Genjutsu, but is killed. Deva then traps Naruto and informs him of his plan to bring world peace through pain, asking Naruto if he could think up of any other choice. Naruto can't, and Nagato states that his peace is almost among them.
166 "Confessions"

"Kokuhaku" (告白)

June 24, 2010 TBA
Hinata decides to come to Naruto's aid as he is incapacitated by Pain. Despite knowing her overwhelming disadvantage, Hinata confronts Pain in battle. Subsequently, she confesses her love for Naruto. She is ultimately defeated and appears to be fatally stabbed by Pain, causing Naruto's Nine Tailed Fox chakra to go out of control from anger. Meanwhile, Konoha ninja start the search for Pain's controlling body, Nagato.
167 "Planetary Devastation"

"Chibaku Tensei" (地爆天星)

July 1, 2010 TBA
Naruto enters his Four-Tailed form and attacks Pain, who manages to repel his attacks. Angered even further, Naruto continues his transformation into a Six-Tailed form. Pain decides to fall back and activate his Chibaku Tensei technique, creating a miniature moon in the sky formed from the earth, which traps Naruto inside. However, Naruto breaks free of it, now in an Eight-Tailed form. Consumed in hate, Naruto prepares to completely release the Nine-Tailed Fox, but the Fourth Hokage appears and stops him.
168 "The Fourth Hokage"

"Yondaime Hokage" (四代目火影)

July 15, 2010 TBA
Minato appears within Naruto's psyche and reveals that Tobi was the one behind the Nine-Tails' attack on the village 16 years ago, theorizing that he's just using Pain for himself. He re-activates Naruto's seal to suppress the fox's chakra, and leaves, placing his faith in his son. Naruto confronts Deva Path and manages to find Nagato through his Sage Mode. They fight again and Naruto breaks through his Shinra Tensei to launch a final Rasengan at Pain, overcoming his 5 second time limit. It connects.
169 "The Two Students"

"Futari no Deshi" (ふたりの弟子)

July 22, 2010[[|[6]]] TBA
Naruto defeats Deva Pain with his final Rasengan and then uses his Chakra Receivers in Sage Mode to find Nagato. He then heads off as Sakura finishes healing Hinata. Inoichi tries to stop Naruto from going in alone, but Shikaku agrees with Naruto, to Inoichi's dismay. Naruto finds Nagato and Konan, preparing to fight them out of anger. However, he remembers in Jiraiya's belief for a peaceful world and decides not to harm them. Nagato then asks how Naruto can still believe in Jiraiya's "peace" after all that has happened.
170 "Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 1"

"Daibōken! Yondaime no Isan o Sagase - Zenpen" (大冒険! 四代目の遺産を探せ・前編)

July 29, 2010 TBA
The story goes back to right before the start of the final rounds of the Chūnin Exam. As Naruto trains in preparation for his upcoming match, he hears Jiraiya speak of “the Fourth Hokage’s legacy". Using information from Guy, Naruto, Sakura and Team 10 head to the Honegami Grounds, where they are instructed by a disguised Guy to enter and complete the obstacle course and obtain the Secret Technique. Meanwhile Hidden Rain Ninja begin their pursuit.
171 "Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 2"

"Daibōken! Yondaime no Isan o Sagase - Kōhen" (大冒険! 四代目の遺産を探せ・後編)

July 29, 2010 TBA
Naruto and the others face the oncoming challenges in order to find the Secret Technique and break the Fourth Hokage's record, but Naruto’s impulsive action leads the group into various troubles. They are attacked by the Rain Ninja, but unknown to them, are saved by Sasuke. They eventually find the scroll which reads: "There is no shortcut in the ninja way". The phrase that becomes Naruto's motto. The story ends as the final rounds of the Chūnin Exam begin the next day.
172 "Meeting"

"Deai" (出逢い)

August 5, 2010 TBA
Returning to the present series, Nagato waits for Naruto to answer his question and Nagato recalls his two moments of pain, the first of which being when his parents were killed by Leaf Ninja and when Nagato's Rinnegan Eye was activated, killing the two ninja. He then tells Naruto about how he met Konan and Yahiko, all three of them having to resort to thievery to stay alive. After seeing Hanzo the Salamander battle the Three Sannin, they set out to find the three ninja so that they can be taught ninjutsu.
173 "Origin of Pain"

"Pein Tanjō" (ペイン誕生)

August 12, 2010 TBA
Nagato continues talking to Naruto and describes his second pain. Nagato, Yahiko and Konan were taught ninjutsu by Jiraiya, but after he left, they grew up to start an organization, led by Yahiko, to bring peace to the Hidden Rain. Hanzo decides that Yahiko's group is a threat to his ruling and teams up with Danzo to kidnap Konan. Hanzo orders Nagato to kill Yahiko if he wants her to live and Yahiko sacrfices himself for Konan's sake, horrifying Nagato and forcing him into the crippled state he's in today.
174 "Tale of Naruto Uzumaki"

"Uzumaki Naruto Monogatari" (うずまきナルト物語)

August 19, 2010 TBA
With Nagato's story done, Naruto tells him his answer, declaring that he will not abandon the legacy of his master, and that he will keep striving for peace no matter what pain he is put through. Nagato reflects on what Naruto says, thinking back to his final days as one of Jiraiya's students, and ultimately decides to believe in him. Showed the errors of his past ways, Nagato begins to perform a technique that will revive all those that he killed in the Hidden Leaf.
175 "Hero of the Hidden Leaf"

"Konoha no Eiyū" (木ノ葉の英雄)

August 26, 2010 TBA
Nagato finishes reviving everyone he had killed and dies due to running out of chakra. He entrusts his dreams to Naruto and Konan likewise decides to believe in him. After retrieving Nagato and Yahiko's bodies, she gives Naruto a bouquet of flowers symbolizing the hope Naruto represents. After erecting a memorial for Jiraiya, Naruto returns to the village and is, after years of pain and isolation, finally heralded as a hero.