What are Kenjutsu? Kenjutsu are considered a sub-type of Taijutsu, functioning in much the same ways. The literal definition of Kenjutsu is "Sword Techniques"- However, for the sake of simplicity, all weapon-based arts are called Kenjutsu. Kenjutsu are different from standard taijutsu in the fact that they revolve around the usage of a specific tool, be it sword, bow, axe, or similar weapon. Kenjutsu thus almost always require a weapon to use. Kenjutsu share the same traits as taijutsu in their lack of hand seals, though like Tai they may have equivalents, such as specific movements or requirements to use. Kenjutsu, like Taijutsu, are classified into Styles which are Open or Hidden. Also like Taijutsu, Custom Kenjutsu may be made. Like Taijutsu, typically only Open styles will be listed.