===Character information===


Age: 18
Village: Hidden Sound Village Weight: 75.8 kg (167 lbs)
Current rank: Missing-nin Length: 202.1 cm (6'6")
Intro: Shippuuden 116 / Chapter 348 Bloodtype: AB
Birthday: October 1st

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Character biographyEdit

Juugo is a bipolar man who is able to speak with animals when calm, and turns into a raving lunatic when enraged. Juugo was recruited by Kimimaro to go to Orochimaru. Juugo believed he would be able to stop his murderous impulses with Kimimaro at his side so he went willingly. Juugo is able to transform to many different forms at will unlike other cursed seal users and he also has the ability to heal others and himself by distributing his own flesh or absorbing others. This however altars his appearance and can make him look younger or older.

Juugo was recruited by Sasuke to join his group Hebi but originally refused and tried to kill Sasuke. He was however scared out of rampage mode by Sasuke and realized that Sasuke was the one that Kimimaro had died in order to get him to Orochimaru. Juugo views Sasuke as Kimimaro's reincarnation and is fiercely loyal towards Sasuke. Juugo was captured by the samurais with his teammate Suigetsu during the attack on the Five Kage Summit by Hebi which at that point had changed its name to Taka (meaning "Hawk"). Juugo and Suigetsu's whereabouts are currently unknown but they are believed to be prisoners in the Land of Iron.