Things You'll Need

    sheets of construction paper



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1. Fold the Blade

o 1

Cut one piece of construction paper into a square shape.

o 2

Fold one corner of the square over to make a triangle.

o 3

Fold one edge of the triangle over to make a smaller triangle. Unfold the paper, so you are left with the larger triangle and a crease in the middle.

o 4

Fold each short side of the triangle over so that it meets the middle crease. Repeat this step so that the paper becomes narrower and resembles the blade of a narrow knife. You may want to repeat more than once, depending on how narrow you want your knife.

o 5

Fold over the two pointed ends at the bottom of the knife blade. Crease the folds and unfold. Tuck the pointed ends into the slots to make a blade.

2. Fold the Handle

o 1

Cut a second sheet of paper into a square. Roll it lengthwise to form a tube. Flatten both ends of the tube by pressing with your finger.

o 2

Roll one end to form a circle and tape it in place. The traditional kunai handle has a circle at one end.

o 3

Tuck the other end of the handle into the blade and attach it using tape.