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15 Ways to Be Like Kakashi Hatake

in Cosplay

Kakashi Hatake

With one glance of his eye he can copy your strongest attack. In but a moment he could easily gather up enough electrical force to slay any adversary from nothing but his own chakra. His athletic skills are unsurpassed, and as a ninja there are none that can oppose him. He was once known as a teacher whom no student could please. A shocking duality exists within his soul for even if he appears apathetic, his fierce loyalty can almost be considered fanatical.

If you think you have what it takes to be Kakashi Hatake’s next protégé, then perhaps these instructions can help. But beware! With great power comes great responsibility, and that duty is to defend all of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

1) Wear a headband. Commercial leaf ninja headbands have been produced for cosplay, but you could also make your own.

2) Be sure to occasionally hide one eye; the Sharingan eye is a powerful weapon and Kakashi is sure to readily disguise it.

3) If attempting to cosplay as Kakashi, a loose cloth scarf of a dark color would serve well to hide the remaining part of the lower face.

4) Tape up your ankles and right hip loosely, if trying for a Kakashi cosplay. He is always ready for combat in this way.

5) Another good idea might be to procure the green tactical vest he wears. A number of hunting and fishing vests might be able to stand in for this garment.

6) One final idea for a cosplay would be fingerless gloves. These are probably the easiest piece of his uniform to get hold of.

7) Don’t allow others to force you to do things that you do not wish to. He never allowed Team 7, or anyone else, to see his face without his permission.

8) Maintain a laidback personality. Even in the most nerve wracking of situations, Kakashi doesn’t get worked up.

9) Have faith in teamwork. As a leader, Kakashi is always trying to drill this idea into Sasuke’s head early on in the story.

10) Never be afraid to be the innovator of a new idea. Kakashi is known to have invented the Lightning Blade he uses to such great effect.

11) While it’s a good idea to always keep reading, it’s probably also a good idea to keep in mind that Kakashi’s taste in reading material isn’t the best. (May I suggest some Naruto manga instead?)

12) Avoid fruitless efforts and working in vain. Kakashi saves moves like the Kamui for when his opponent is truly unstoppable.

13) Study the abilities of others to better yourself; Kakashi’s Sharingan allows him to assimilate the jutsu of other ninja and has given him a vast and powerful move set.

14) Develop a great deal of respect for your elders. Kakashi’s respect for Obito is truly profound and honorable.

15) Grab as many figures, key chains and other Naruto universe collectibles as you can. Also be sure to watch the anime to be sure that you have every aspect of your new persona down.