1. Look and be incredibly laid back and "cool".

Have a competitive relationship with a spunky person. Always try to win and take the easy way out. Act very aloof with them and logical.

Cover up any big scars you may have, like Hatake Kakashi's Sharingan eye. If you want to hide your eye use his technique or get a side-fringe to hide it.

Read books in your spare time.

Be intelligent.

Make sure you brush up on your physical abilities.

Blow people off that make a big deal about things.

Hide your mouth with something at all times.

Be polite, calm, and annoyingly reasonable when arguing with somebody, and smile with your eyes, because your mouth will never be shown.

Show up late to events, using something unbelievable or stupid as an excuse.

Have an overall lazy demeanor, yet quick to action when needed.

Have an aloof attitude towards those who are determined to defeat you verbally, physically, or any other way in not-serious situations.

Have common sense.

When fighting, analyze and copy your opponents moves.

Be known for something that you are unique and very good at, like Kakashi's copy Sharingan eye.

Be good with dogs, although don't have one with you everywhere.

Slouch slightly.

Eat your meals fast. That way you can put your mouth-covering on again before anyone sees what you look like.

Be mysterious. If someone asks something about you, don't get into too much detail; try to change the subject.

Read Books in your free time, and when you read a book, try to read the whole collection.

Be able to read people personalities.

Know how to spy on people, kakashi spies on naruto and other people all the time.

If your favorite book is been turned into a movie, it's a must see movie.